Development Resources

Complete a Self-Assessment

Use the Self-Assessment to evaluate your skill level with each of the 8 LII Core Competencies. Based on your results, you can quickly identify online training and action items to develop a competency into a strength. (Note: a Self-Assessment is completed on an annual basis)

Create an Individual Development Plan

Use the IDP Tool to create an organized development plan outlining specific actions and online training you will take to develop your skills for your current role and prepare you for the next.

Explore Opportunities to Develop Competency Skills

Explore the Competencies tab to register for courses to develop the 8 LII Core Competencies, learn more about a specific competency in the Competency Corner, and view the definitions of all 38 Competencies.

Access Resources to Guide You With Development

Under the Development Tools tab, locate Quick Reference Guides for completing the LII Core Competency Self-Assessment and creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP), and find additional resources to create variety in the learning outlined in your individual development plan.

Read the FYI Competencies Development Guide

Find more information about each of the competencies in the “For Your Improvement” Competencies Development Guide. This guide provides development tips, recommended reading – books and links to articles, and references online search tools to locate even more development resources.